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Sunday, January 29, 2006

St. Paul Winter Carnival 2006

Its January, and since I had some free time, me and a friend decided to go and watch Mysteries of the Nile at the Science Museum to Saturday. I did a little reading on what's going on in St. Paul, and stumbled to the part where the Winter Carnival was on!

So we went to St. Paul early, expecting to have difficulty in parking. We walked to Rice Park, just across from the Science Museum and watched the festivities. We were lucky that we came early enough that we could watch some of the beautiful ice sculptures being made by the fantastic people!

Being close to the Opera house, we went in, thinking of getting some tickets to see Les Miserables for next week. But we stumbled to a great bargain, getting the fourth row ticket for a great deal! So for the next 3 hours, we enjoyed ourselves with Les Miserables. I've seen Les Miserables before, but that was 10 years ago! This will be the last time Les Miserables will be playing in the Twin Cities, so we're lucky to have gone!

That's how we ended the day, with a bang!


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